Monday, October 17, 2011

Buying your first bike

The first step to entering into the word of cycling is buying a bike. Whether you plan to be a weekend beach cruiser or a rain or shine commuter, a bike is essential. 

WARNING: do not get so caught up in researching a bike that you forget to buy one. Remember, you are a beginner. If you eventually decide to compete in le tour de France you will not do so on your first bicycle. You are looking entry level: something to test the waters, something you can tinker with without fearing the wrath of the cycling gods. 

For years, I waited for the perfect scenario to start cycling. Finally I decided it was time to just set a deadline, do my research, and buy a bike - and I have never been happier. And the best part is, if you buy your bike and are unhappy, you can return it : )

If you are still in the research process, here is a great article for determining the right bike for you. (It is really more about you than the bike)

If you learn better through people's stories, here is a great video on taking the necessary steps to purchasing your bike through the story of a San Franciscan cyclist.

Hope this is helpful : )

*If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below.

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