Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week Three: Tips For Safely Cycling Crazy City Streets

As I complete my third week cycling to work, what better topic to discuss than bike safety. A recent survey by Travel+Leisure ranked Miami's driver as the worst in the nation. In these three weeks cycling I have definitely come in contact with many of the drivers that put Miami at the top of this list. Although the road can be a dangerous place, there are five steps every cyclist can take to make their ride much safer. For the next few days I will post a new tip for safely cycling crazy city streets. Here is tip one : )

Tip One - Wear a helmet!
Though rather obvious, I see very few cyclist wearing helmets on my commute to work. Clearly their childhood was not bombarded with video footage of watermelons crashing into city streets. I once heard it said, The most important part of a bike is its engine. A cyclists bones and muscles can heal, but a severe accident without a helmet is a death sentence. Cycling is truly one of the most liberating hobbies I have adopted and I hope to continue my cycling adventures for a long time to come. Many cyclist have been in accidents and come back from it. Wearing a helmet significantly increases the chances that I will not only survive a serious accident, but be able to ride another day.

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